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“Women, main character of Spanish olive oil”

IX Alcuza Seminar to Spanish Olive Oil Proffesionals

Castillo de Canena - Alcuza 1


The conference, which have a large number of attendees, has a space dedicated to the role of women in the world of olive oil.

Teresa Pérez, Manager of Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva; Brígida Jiménez, Manager of IFAPA; Soledad Serrano, President of QV Extra!; Marta González, Manager of Escuela Valenciana de Cata & Sole Román, Manager of the Asociación Olivar y Aceite Comarca de La Loma.

Castillo de Canena - Alcuza 9 Castillo de Canena - Alcuza 8


And everyone can try our new harvest EVOO!!

Castillo de Canena - Alcuza 4Congratulations for the seminar!

November 2014


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