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Flos Olei Tour in Rome

Awards & Presentation of the Flos Olei 2015

Castillo de Canena Picual - Flos Olei 2015Francisco Vañó, General Manager of Castillo de Canena, attends to the presentation of the prestigious international guide to EVOO, the Flos Olei 2015 in Rome. At the same time   “Top 20 World Awards” were handed … we have one of them!

As you know … this year we are more than happy! Our Family Reserve Picual has obtained the highest score of this internationally recognized guide (98/98 points),  and we are also among the “Top 20“!!

The event took place at the beautiful Westin Excelsior Rome hotel, where international journalists attended, as well as several experts from the world of extra virgin olive oil.

Castillo de Canena - Flos Olei 2

Marco Oreggia, Francisco Vañó and Laura Marinelli

Castillo de Canena - Flos Olei 1

Francisco Vañó receiving the award from Laura Marinelli

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