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Golden Eagle cooling off at our olive grove

On these summer days with extremely high temperatures, the different drinking fountains that we have installed in several areas of our olive groves are frequently visited by all kinds of animals and birds that come to them to cool off.

Thanks to these camouflaged cameras, we have taken beautiful images this past weekend: a specimen of a golden eagle and a woodpecker fighting the heat in the water of our pool.

In the case of the Golden Eagle, it is the largest of the eagles, symbol of the force of Nature. Let us remember, for example, that the Kyrgyz peoples of Central Asia used them to hunt wolves.

In the case of the Royal Woodpecker, more commonly known as “woodpecker”, it lives in holes that they practice in the trees. They are basically voracious insectivores and prey on all kinds of larvae, some of them causing certain pests on olive trees.

At Castillo de Canena we continue day by day demonstrating our commitment to Biodiversity and the success of our regenerative measures of the natural habitat in which we work to produce highest quality extra virgin olive oils and which also are 100% sustainable and respectful of the environment.

We invite you to watch the full videos on our YouTube channel.

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