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GREAT MENTION to Early Royal at ARMONIA awards (Italy)

We want to celebrate with you that Early Royal Castillo de Canena has been awarded at ARMONIA competition in Italy!

logo-castillo de canena

Our Early Royal has received the highest award at the ARMONIA awards (Italy). It’s the GREAT MENTION as “Middle Fruity”. At the same time, it has been awarded for his PACKAGING, as shown in the official publication of the awards.

  • CATEGORIA FRUTTATO MEDIO – 2. Classificato: Royal Temprano, Castillo de Canena
  • Premi assegnati per il miglior impatto comunicativo del DESIGN DEL CONTENITORE, L’IMMAGINE grafica delle etichette e del PACKAGING – PREMIO DI SISTEMA 1° Classificato: Castillo de Canena

ARMONIA is an international competition held in Italy and enjoys international renown because it is organized by important institutions such as the following: the International Extravirgin Oliveoil Agency and the Italian Institute IRVEA (Istituto per la Ricerca e la delle valorizzazione Eccellenze Agroalimentari).

It is sponsored by the “Accademia Italiana della Cucina“, the “Accademia Maestri Italiani Pasticceri“, the “Accademia Nazionale dell’Olio dell’Olivo”,  “Officina Three”, the Fat Institute of CSIC in Seville and with the collaboration of the magazines Olivarama & Mercacei.

The award was presented las May 19th in Spain, at the offices of CSIC in Seville.


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