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Half-dried tomatoes with EVOO first day of Harvest Picual of Castillo de Canena

Thanks Evoogourmet for sharing this recipe!


  • Tomatoes. They have to be either red (preferably pear or cherry type).
  • Extra virgin olive oil, Picual of Castillo de Canena.
  • Basil.
  • Garlic.
  • Fine salt.


First you prepare the tomatoes to dry them partially. For this you have to cut the tomatoes in half and arrange on a plate. Then you have to season the tomatoes with fine salt and expose to the sun for a couple of days (2 or 3), until the tomatoes begin to dry. To prevent insects approach is best to cover the tomatoes with a net or a veil.

Once tomatoes are ready, cut them into small pieces (with a scissors for example) and put it in a bowl. Here you add plenty of fresh basil (fresh! it is important!) chopped and crushed garlic with a juicer. The amount of garlic goes according to the personal tastes.

Finally season all with extra virgin olive oil first day of harvest Picual by Castillo de Canena. The fruity of fresh leaf and of picual olive of this olive oil exalts the flavor of the tomato.

A great pairing. Now you just try it!

toamtes semi secos


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