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Luis Vañó, inherent from Jaen (Andalusia, Spain)

The Univeristy of Jaen honors Luis Vañó, through the project “Natural from Jaen”

luis vaño - castillo de canena

Mr. Luis Vañó, President of Castillo de Canena

Mr. Luis Vañó, was born in 1929 in Bocairent (Valencia, Spain) but then he growed between Baeza & Canena (Jaén, Ansalusia, Spain). He has a degree in Economics and Law, Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Chicago, and Senior Engineer Honoris Causa by the University of Metz (France).

Today, Mr. Vañó Luis is President of Castillo de Canena, and he is involved in the growth and development of our company. An example is the “Luis Vañó Prize for Research in the Field of Olive Oil Production”, that is held every two years. This year, in its second edition, D. Luis Vañó awarded a study on olive oil enriched with antioxidants derived from micro-algae. The University of California UC-Davis will join the University of Jaén as a new collaborator for the third edition of this Prize, which will be awarded in 2015.

Through “Natural de Jaén” project, the University of Jaén wants to recognize those people who is committed to the province of Jaén and its development, and at the same time, who have been the protagonists of a distinguished career.

The event will be held on Thursday, June 19, at 12.00, in the Campus of Lagunillas, Building A 3. During the event, we could heard words from the honoree himself and from the UJA Rector, Mr. Manuel Parras Red . Likewise, at 19:30, Mr. Luis Vañó will receive the same recognition in the city of Baeza, where the Mayor of the town, Mr. Rodríguez Marín Leocadio will say some words as well.

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