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Millesime Award 2014: Congrats to Julio Fernández from Abantal

Congratulations to Julio Fernández from Abantal Restaurant. He has just been selected as Chef Millesime 2014. He is a really good friend and Castillo de Canena´s client.

Menu Premios Chef Millesime 2014

Chef Millesime 2014

Julio Fernández opened Abantal Restaurant in 2004, he was the Best Andalusian Chef in 2005 and in 2009 received a Michelin Star. Thank you very much for trusting in our Extra Virgin Olive Oils for your cuisine.

Julio Fernández y Antonio Bort

Julio Fernández and Antonio Bort

The chef Antonio Bort from Puerta Delicia, Sevilla, hosted the event Millesime Chef 2014. Antonio was the winner of La Tapa es nuestra, (TV programme) where Rosa Vañó was juror.

Some pictures that were taken during the event, they look extremely delicious!!

Espárragos blancos con huevas de pez volador y ligero escabeche

Espárragos blancos con huevas de pez volador y ligero escabeche

Tallarines de manzanilla con fondo de algas y gambas

Noodles with shrimp and seaweed

Frozen foie

Frozen foie

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