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Castillo de Canena

Our company takes its name from the family castle nestled in the hills of the township of Canena, in Spain’s Jaen province in the region of Andalusia. Our olive-producing history dates back to 1780.

This Castillo de Canena is situated in the lush surroundings of the Guadalquivir River Valley, and is the name we have given to our extra virgin olive oils. We are located near the World Heritage cities of Úbeda and Baeza, two magnificent representatives of the cultural essence of Andalusia.

The Castle of Canena was built by the Arabs on the site of a Roman settlement. It was converted into a fortress for the Calatrava Order during the Reconquista and served this purpose until it was acquired in 1538 by Francisco de los Cobos, Secretary to Charles V. He transformed the Castle into a Palace, where the Emperor himself stayed.

The Castle was declared a National Monument in 1931 and later restored and preserved by our family. Visitors are welcome year round on Mondays from 16.00 to 19.00.