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XXIs century oils


October is intense, saline, lingering fruity taste of marked fresh chlorophyll herbs and apple. Light bitter touch, very pleasant bitterness. November is light, soft taste although with its own strength from a good maturity point and the subsequent loss of rusticity. No bitterness and slightly spicy. December is well-harmonised, soft taste of very mature tomato, popcorn, well matured fruit and with a pleasant aftertaste of soothing freshness, without spicy notes and with a very light bitterness.

Type of olive 100% Arbequina
Quality Extra Virgin
Harvest Period October, November & December
Harvest Method Mechanical, vibration with umbrella
Extraction Method Maximum 4 hours from picking.
Centrifuge, Pieralisi Genius III.
Mass temperature 20º. No additional water.
Storage Stainless steel with nitrogen atmosphere
Color October: bright green
November: Limpid golden with green background.
December: Intense, bright and very clean golden
Acidity 0.1
Storage suggestions Keep bottle in a cool place, away from heat and light


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First course for October, Main courses for November and Desserts for December


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“XXIS Century Oils” (Aceites del siglo XXI, in Spanish) is a line that seeks to bring new features and fresh concepts to a category of products with over 3000 years of history. It unveils an entire sensorial experience for the palate, the opportunity to taste and enjoy innovative olive oils that will surprise you with their uniqueness and distinction, as well as their compliance with the utmost quality standards.

SECOND: HORIZONTAL TASTING: is a gastronomic experiment to o observe the evolution of oil for three consecutive months: October, November and December. For the first time oil has been used in a transparent bottle covered with a UV filter to keep the oil and observe how color changes.


Gift box including 3 Bottles of 375ml in transparent glass using the Protec UV filter and a booklet with recipes. Packaging was awarded by PENTAWARDS 2010.


Product Content Boxes per case Cases per pallet Layer per pallet Layers high Pallet dimensions
HORIZONTAL TASTING 3 x 375 ml 3 40 4 32cm 80 x 120