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Press Release – Arbequino Amontillado Castillo de Canena

Castillo de Canena presents Arbequino Amontillado, the first extra virgin olive oil finished in Amontillado sherry casks

This young Arbequino extra virgin olive oil is infused with the complex nuances and aromas of an aged Amontillado wine.


  • The perfect blend of the sensory notes of Amontillado and Arbequina extra virgin olive oil
  • The Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is finished in a 250-litre American oak barrel from Bodegas Lustau that has been used for over half a century of ageing
  • Perfect for pairing with a wide range of dishes and recipes, including salted and baked fish, grilled and baked poultry and pork, mushrooms, meat pies, and much more


Castillo de Canena presents Arbequino Amontillado, a young Arbequina extra virgin olive oil infused with the complex aromas of an aged Amontillado wine, after being finished in sherry casks used for over half a century of ageing.

Jerez-born Paz Ivison, one of Spain’s most renowned wine journalists, winner of the National Food Award and with close ties to Vañó family, was the advisor and backer of this project.

“The creation of this product is the result of inspiration. We decided to try to capture the complex and sublime nuances of a great sherry wine in the soul of our arbequinos. This is how Arbequino Amontillado was created”, explained Rosa Vañó, Castillo de Canena’s Director of Marketing and Communication.

This suggestive and evocative new oil is the result of a passion for two unique products: extra virgin olive oil and fortified wines. “We wanted to merge these two apparently separate worlds to transfuse the powerful, defined notes of Jerez fortified wines into the soul of our Arbequina extra virgin olive oils”, said Rosa Vañó.

The crafting of these oils starts with the selection of a singular wine, like Amontillado, and young, easily influenced Arbequina extra virgin olive oils that can take on other aromas and fragrances.

“We worked together with our friends at Bodegas Lustau to meet this fascinating challenge. They gave us a 250-litre American oak barrel over half a century old that contained an aged Amontillado that had never before been bottled for the Jerez-based company”, said Francisco Vañó, Castillo de Canena’s General Manager, who added that “the expert foremen from Jerez decided at the time to create this Soleraje de Amontillado and let it rest so that it could evolve with the passage of time”.

The aged Amontillado wine was then extracted at the Castillo de Canena winery and the cask was filled with Arbequina extra virgin olive oil. Thus, slowly over a few days, the young olive juice was infused with the complex aromas of the aged Amontillado that permeated the staves inside the cask.

According to Francisco Vañó, “it was a complex task, since calibrating the time required to refine the Arbequina oil was crucial to prevent the micro-oxygenation from the wood, which is so positive for the wine, from turning it rancid. After several tests and tries—some unsuccessful—we managed to obtain the perfect blend of the sensory notes of the Amontillado in the natural essence of our extra virgin olive oils. We had achieved the perfect symbiosis of the aged, fortified wine from Jerez with the young oils from Jaén”.

Because the sherry cask can never be empty, it is refilled with aged Amontillado from Bodegas Lustau, VORS, after the refined Arbequina oil has been drained from the cask.


Perfect for both classic and avant-garde recipes

The new Arbequino Amontillado is perfect for seasoning a wide range of dishes and raw ingredients, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

“Thanks to its organoleptic properties, this new Arbequino Amontillado is great for pairing with a wide range of dishes and recipes, from the most classic to the most innovative“, Rosa Vañó said.

This makes for an extraordinary pairing with:


  • Salted and baked fish.
  • Grilled and baked poultry and pork.
  • Raw, tinned or pan-fried clams, cockles, oysters, etc.
  • Raw and sautéed mushrooms.
  • Grilled foie gras, partridge pâtés and meat pies.
  • Mojama, ling roe and mullet roe.
  • Fried and roasted almonds and olives.
  • Dark chocolate and nuts.

Evocative EVOO with a full range of nuances

“We use an Arbequina EVOO with tasting notes reminiscent of green almond, apple and walnut shells, and with a subtle hint of spiciness and bitterness. Early-harvest EVOO but with slightly ripe sensory accents and mellow enough to be successfully infused with the aromas of the aged Amontillado”, said Castillo de Canena’s General Manager.

The new Arbequino Amontillado has a surprisingly evocative bouquet, with notes of toasted nuts, fine wood, ripe fruit and mushrooms and a delicate hint of sherry.

The first taste is mild and elegant. Smooth and sweet on the palate, complex and rich with a full range of nuances: notes of iodine, roasted hazelnuts, intermingled with hints of ripe avocado. The finish clearly reveals traces of barrel wood and a hint of sherry with an “umami” nuance.

It comes in 250-ml black glass bottles and features a label that symbolises the historic brotherhood between the vine and the olive tree, ancient culture and tradition in its purest form.

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