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Recipes different kind of mushrooms & our oils

In autumn… time of mushrooms & fungi! Here you can discover delicious and easy recipes with these seasonal products & our premium quality oils!! You only need some quality ingredients, basically: fresh mushrooms & our Castillo de Canena olive oils.

Here we present different quick & original carpaccios… hope you like them!

  1. Common Mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus) carpaccio with some lime zest and lime juice & Biodynamic Picual EVOO Castillo de Canenachampiñon_common_mushroom_carpaccio_EVOO_AOVE_Castillo_Canena
  2. Boletus carpaccio with some foie shaving & Pedro Ximenez – Family Reserve Arbequina EVOO vinaigretteboletus_carpaccio_cheese_AOVE_EVOO_Castillo_Canena boletus_carpaccio_cheese_AOVE_EVOO_Castillo_Canena
  3. Blewits (lepista nuda) carpaccio with La Vera paprika & chive – Family Reserve Picual extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette. Cut the chives very thin and mix with Family Reserve Picual EVOO, then pour it together over the carpaccio.lepista_nuda_blewits_pie_azul_carpaccio_Castillo_Canena
  4. Boletus carpaccio with parmesano cheese shaving, watercress & Family Reserve Picual EVOO.boletus_carpaccio_cheese_AOVE_EVOO_Castillo_Canena

November 2015

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