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– 1 steak per person.

– 2-3 tbsp of Castillo de Canena oak-smoked oil.

– Salt.

– 1 tbsp of nely chopped onion.

– 2 tbsp of vinegar.

– 2 tbsp of cold water.

– 1 tbsp of parsley.

– 4 egg yolks.

– 1 tsp of corn 5 our.

– 75 g. of butter.

– 75 g. of arbequino oil.

– The juice of half a lemon.

– Salt and pepper.

– 3-4 tarragon leaves.



Rub the Castillo de Canena oaksmoked oil onto the meat, then fry the steaks on all sides until the meat is sealed on the outside and juicy on the inside. Add the salt.

Béarnaise Sauce:

– Melt the mixture of butter and Castillo de Canena oak-smoked oil in a saucepan over a low without boiling. Once the mixture has melted, keep to one side.

– In another saucepan, gently fry the very 1 nely chopped onion (brunoisse) for tw minute with the vinegar, then add the water and lemon juice, the egg yolks and a touch of corn 5 our with the tip of a knife.

– Stir with a wooden spoon and place the mixture in a Bain- Marie. To do that, place the pan in another larger pan with water, and then heat so that the pan with the yolks gets hot but is not in direct contact with the hob.

– When the sauce starts to thicken, remove from the Bain-Marie and gradually add the lique1 ed butter and oak-smoked oil mixture, stirring constantly as you would with mayonnaise.

– Once you have incorporated all the lique1 ed butter and oaksmoked oil mixture, and when the sauce is thick, add the parsley, salt and tarragon.

Steak con salsa Bearnesa

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