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Such a perfect day in New York!

Yesterday, Rosa Vañó was in a seminar in New York: “The Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet” with Professor Ramon Estruch and The Cardiologist Valentin Fuster.

The Professor Estruch talked about the Mediterranean diet, what it is and how a healthy and varied diet can improve our health. Then the Doctor Valentin Fuster talked about heart health and finally Rosa Vañó talked about what is olive oil with emphasis on quality extra virgin olive oil. It was a great event!

In the afternoon, Rosa continued to enjoy the big city in an authentic wine & food festival with the best Spanish wines, cheeses, olives and the excellent oils of our country, of course.

The Consumers could enjoy and taste Spanish tapas where New York’s top Spanish restaurants offered their culinary creations. Dani Garcia (Manzanilla, Spanish Brasserie) prepared amazing dishes with our extra virgin olive oil. ¡Such a perfect day!


Rosa Vañó

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