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Sustainable development goals report – Agenda 2030 United Nations

With great satisfaction we present our first Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019, reinforcing Castillo de Canena’s commitment to transparency and communication.

In this document you will find extremely detailed and collected all the policies, actions and projects we have carried out to answer to the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders after a deep exercise of dialogue and commitment. We have tried to put in place our principles and corporate values along the whole value chain from an Ethical and Responsible Leadership and placing in the center the people who form the Castillo de Canena Group, transmitting our enthusiasm and, mostly, our will of continuous improvement day after day.

This first CSR Report / Progress Report is also a clear demonstration of our commitment acquired with the UNITED NATIONS Global Compact and its Principles since our adhesion in June 2019, in line with the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS that mark the AGENDA 2030. Our spirit  is the will to leave no one behind. Nowadays, more important than ever, the appeal is made to all social actors, including SMEs, to be levers for accelerating global action towards SUSTAINABILITY.

We hope that this First Report or Corporate Social Responsibility Report will be able to reliably convey Castillo de Canena Group’s commitment to the great challenges worldwide in economic, social and environmental issues. Check it here: REPORT – United Nations – Castillo de Canena

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