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Temptations with Castillo de Canena at Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid!

Castillo de Canena at the Westin Palace Hotel!!

Castillo de Canena - Westin Palace 5

From today Monday 2nd June you can enjoy the amazing tapas created by chef Federico Giacalone at the restaurant “La Rotonda” & “1912 Museum Bar” of the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid.

They are an exquisite collection of fine dining tapas created with Elite Gourmet products, including Castillo de Canena EVOO!

We attended to the inauguration and… we can show you some pictures of these delicious creations!

Castillo de Canena - Westin Palace

Steak tartar with chocolate 99% cacao, capers & EVOO

Castillo de Canena - Westin Palace 3

Sirloin with caramelized apple and anchovies

Castillo de Canena - Westin Palace 2

Viera with small beans & apple with mustard
Roasted potato, cheese cured foam and crispy ham

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