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That’s how we get our Oak Cold Smoked Arbequino EVOO… a process based on ecological woods and free of chemical residues!

Many people have asked us how we achieve such a characteristical aroma and flavor in our Oak Cold Smoked Arbequino extra virgin olive oil. Today we wish to share with you how we get it!

The secret to get this high quality smoked oil is a careful process, starting from oak sawdust from sustainable forests. It is therefore a process 100% natural and handmade.

EVOO_AOVE_Smoked_Ahumado_CastillodeCanenaOur Oak Smoked Arbequino. How is it made?

The process takes place in an isolated room. There we have an oven imported from the United Kingdom in which has been applied significant structural changes by our technical team.

The process starts as follows:
1. We begin with very slow combustion of ecological oak and beech sawdust, avoiding flames.
2. With this slow burning, a small amount of smoke is produced. It is a white, dense and consistent smoke (smokers call it a “rich smoke”).
3. Furthermore, we arrange our extra virgin olive oil Arbequina in the oven trays.
4. The smoke generated slowly penetrates the Arbequina oil impregnating it with its smell and taste notes.
5. After about 2 hours, we have our first liter of Arbequino oil smoked !!
6. It is a very slow process in which it is necessary that the smoker Master is constantly very aware of all the details. We can only smoke at most 50 liters each time.

Importantly, the oven temperature is constantly monitored and never exceeds 30 / 35ºC, while the room where it is held  is constantly maintained at 15ºC. As you know, high temperatures impair the oil quality and what we want in this process is that the oil is impregnated with notes of smoke but they do not lose their initial organoleptic characteristics, the Arbequino itsef!

Find here some ideas to use our smoked oil!

May 2015

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