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The new trendy gastronomic words

These are some of the most international trendy gastronomic terms and the magazine S Moda of the Spanish journal El Pais has decided to explain them in one article with the help of Mr.Victor Gonzálvez, president of the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture:


“Organic and Biological mean the same: food that has grow according to the European Regulation EC 834/2007 AE, which renounces to the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and synthetic hormones, just using techniques that take care of the soil. ”


“In addition to the above requirements (ecological ones), biodynamic products follow rules related to the stars and moon, which are taken into account in the work of planting, harvesting and pruning. Prepared natural fertilizers that energize and strengthen the plants’ are also used.


“It is produced in a traditional way (though not always organic), unhurried, and traditional varieties are put in value by its proponents.”

Our Biodynamic extra virgin olive oil is fashionable!

November 2014

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