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Winner III Castillo de Canena Olive Cultivation Research Award “Luis Vañó”

We have a winner for the III edition of the awards …

The jury of the III Castillo de Canena Olive Cultivation Research Award “Luis Vañó”, which this year has the support of the University of Jaen & University of California Davis (USA), has selected the winner work of this edition .

The winner is the document named “AN EFFECTIVE METHOD, ECONOMICALLY VIABLE, AND RESPECT TO THE ENVIRONMENT FOR THE BACTROCERA OLEAE OLIVE FLY CONTROL” authored by Meelad Yousef, Inmaculada Garrido Jurado, Manuel Ruiz Torres and Enrique Quesada Moraga. Congratulations!!

Castillo de Canena Luis Vaño Award

The official award ceremony & the presentation of the bilingual book work will take place in the Castle of Canena in April.

Each year we look for original works of scientific and technological research, which have not been previously published and which represent an important contribution to research topic areas such as:

  • Olivar and environment
  • Olive oil and health
  • Olive oils and quality
  • Management products olive and olive oil

Last year’s winner was the Professor of Physics and Analytical Chemistry at the UJA Ruperto Bermejo which won first prize for the work Virgin olive oils enriched with new antioxidant from microalgae for the prevention of degenerative diseases”

February 2016


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