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Christmas Recipe: Potatoe bricks with smoked arbequina mayonnaise and octopus




Oak Smoked arbequina olive oil

Family Reserve arbequina EVOO 


2 Eggs




Cut the potatoes in bricks or cubes and the octopus in not too thin slices.
Prepare two kind of mayonnaise:
Mayonnaise with smoked touch: put one of the eggs yolk  in a narrow container, add some drops of vinegar and our smoked olive oil (the blue bottle) taking care not to break the yolk.

Whisk the yolk with a blender and start to get up the blender smoothly until the mix gets emulsified. Finally rectify with salt if we consider it needs it.

Mayonnaise with paprika: same procedure as in the previous mayounnaise but replacing the smoked olive oil with our EVOO Family Reserve arbequina and add  paprika.
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