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Our Biodynamic EVOO at the Altes Fährhaus Hotel (Germany)

A special occasion to celebrate the exclusive Altes Fährhaus Hotel´s 150 anniversary. Based in Sylt, Germany, hundred of guests and most representative and carismatic chefs that have developed their career at the hotel during the last 20 years attended the event. We can mention Juan Amador (2* Michelin) and Alexandro Pape (2* Michelin) together with Sven Pietschmann.
Prestigious brands such as Otto Gourmet, Moet Hennessy and Castillo de Canena were protagonists. Castillo de Canena not only as special ingredient in both chefs creations, but also as a source of culture in the extra virgin olive oil world.
©Axel Steinbach ©Axel Steinbach ©Axel Steinbach ©Axel Steinbach
©Axel Steinbach Biodynamic_EVOO_Hotel Altes (3) Biodynamic_EVOO_Hotel Altes (2) Biodynamic_EVOO_Hotel Altes (1)
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