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Valentine’s Day Recipes: Asparagus with 2 Arbequina&Co mayonnaise

During the renaissance it was forbidden to eat asparagus because it was considered a food with aphrodisiac properties. A perfect excuse to be the first course of our menu! .. We suggest to take it with 2 mayonnaise made with our extra virgin olive oil Arbequina & Co.



We put in a tight container the yolk of an egg, lime juice and  extra virgin olive oil Family Reserve Arbequina, trying not to break the yolk. With a mixer, first we beat the yolks and let rise arm up slowly until the mixture emulsifies. Divide mayonnaise into two parts.

In one part add two teaspoons of Arbequina & Co 01 EVOO Bitter Orange, Thyme & Azahar and mix. Finally we put a pinch of salt, if we estimate it took.

On the other side we add two teaspoons Arbequina & Co 02 Lemon, Fennel & mint and mix. Finally we put a pinch of salt, if we estimate it took.

Serve with asparagus.

Watch here the entire menu

February 2016

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