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Bulgur and Chickpea salad with Family Reserve Picual EVOO

A delicious salad made with traditional products from south East Anatolia Region (Turkey). It is a special combination of bulgur and chickpeas with the wonderful touch that brings our extra virgin olive oil Family Reserve Picual to your salads.


Bulgur (Typical from  Mardin, Turkey)Bulgur_Chickpeas_salad_Reserva_Familiar_Picual_EVOO
Cooked chickpeas
Green pepper
2 tomatoes
Peppermint or mint leaves to taste
Pomegranate syrup ( from Urfa)

Isot ( Urfaisot pepper from Urfa)
Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Picual EVOO


Cook the bulgur and drain well. Reserve.
Cut into cubes the tomato, cucumber and green pepper. Wash the mint leaves and put everything in a bowl.
Incorporate bulgur, cooked chickpeas, pistachios and mix well.
Garnish to taste with the Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Picual extra virgin olive oil , the syrup of pomegranate and salt. Serve with the isot on a side.


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