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At FRONT ROW SOCIETY magazine by Carola Faber

We share with you an article written by the prestigious German journalist Carola Faber. This time she writes about Castillo de Canena in Front Row Society magazine. This publication has a great prestige thanks to the authentic, high value stories, together with impresive illustrations, which is the Brand of the magazine and that makes of it a unique magazine in Germany.

Carola Faber, travel journalist. She is passionate about finding surprising hideouts wherever she goes. And surprising dishes as well! We normally can find her at Kulinariker , but she also collaborates with other publications so that she can show her discoveries to the public. She has won several international awards. The name of Carola Faber means “savoir vivre” in every country she visits.

In one of her trips she discovered Andalucia, Jaén and…Castillo de Canena. Here you find her last report where she enhances Nature in Jaén, the healthy and innovative extra virgin olive oils of Castillo de Canena:

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