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Recipes with cheeses and our Amontillado olive oil

15 July 2021

Thanks to the cheese expert, Ana Belén González Pinos, we suggest you a series of very simple and delicious recipes with different cheeses to continue enjoying our Amontillado.     Grilled or broiled artichokes with cured cheese flakes and Amontillado. You can cook fresh artichokes, open them like a flower and then grill them, or use canned artichokes. You will only... Read more

Press Release – Arbequino Amontillado Castillo de Canena

22 April 2021

Castillo de Canena presents Arbequino Amontillado, the first extra virgin olive oil finished in Amontillado sherry casks This young Arbequino extra virgin olive oil is infused with the complex nuances and aromas of an aged Amontillado wine.   The perfect blend of the sensory notes of Amontillado and Arbequina extra virgin olive oil The Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is finished... Read more

Arbequino Amontillado olive oil recipes Castillo de Canena

22 April 2021

Perfect for both classic and avant-garde recipes The new Arbequino Amontillado is perfect for seasoning a wide range of dishes and raw ingredients, from the simplest to the most elaborate. "Thanks to its organoleptic properties, this new Arbequino Amontillado is great for pairing with a wide range of dishes and recipes, from the most classic to the most innovative", Rosa Vañó said. This... Read more

Vision artificielle dans l’élaboration de notre EVOO

26 February 2021

Savez-vous que cette année, nous avons de nouveau été des pionniers en utilisant la technologie la plus avancée en matière de récolte? Nous utilisons un système de vision artificielle qui nous a aidés à sélectionner, une par une, les meilleures olives pour la production de nos huiles d'olive extra vierge. Seuls les fruits qui sont dans leur bonne couleur de véraison et qui sont... Read more

Baked sea bass recipe with potatoes, tomatoes and lime

21 December 2020

INGREDIENTS Aquanaria Sea bass 4 red ripe tomatoes Sweet onions Baking potatoes 1 lime Lubina Aquanaria First Day of Harvest Picual Castillo de Canena EVOO   PREPARATION   It is a quite simple recipe as well as very tasty and colorful. First, in an oven dish, put a bed of potatoes with a good splash of First Day of Harvest Picual EVOO to make the... Read more