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Sustainable development goals report – Agenda 2030 United Nations

21 October 2020

With great satisfaction we present our first Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019, reinforcing Castillo de Canena's commitment to transparency and communication. In this document you will find extremely detailed and collected all the policies, actions and projects we have carried out to answer to the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders after a deep exercise of dialogue and... Read more

International Prize Castillo de Canena of Olive Oil Research

13 October 2020

Due to the situation created by the pandemic that we all are suffering, the award ceremony of the V Edition of the International Prize Castillo de Canena of olive oil research "Luis Vañó"  was different from the one of the previous years. Instead of the traditional event at the family's castle with numerous guests, the organizers chose to hold a simple ceremony at the Noor restaurant in... Read more

Sustainability by Castillo de Canena

08 October 2020

Interview with our CEO, Francisco Vañó: What does sustainability mean for Castillo de Canena? We envisage sustainability as a philosophy of life, a way of connecting with nature and with the surroundings where we carry out all of our work. Technically, sustainability means using natural resources in such a way that they can renew themselves, but we feel that that definition is... Read more

Waiting for the new harvest!

24 September 2020

Picual Castillo de Canena As you know, the last flowering (in the month of May) was about 10 days ahead of the average of the past years. This phenological advance has been maintained over the months and during the different vegetative stages: hardening of the bone, fattening of the fruit and its veraison (just now started). The flowering was abundant, as well as the fruit set (barberry... Read more

Arbequina & Co with cheese

18 September 2020

We have the perfect combination! You already know our Arbequina & Co olive oils that we make with a base of 99.5% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina Castillo de Canena and infuse with essential oils of different flowers, fruits and plants, and most important ... which is 100 %natural! Today we propose a weekend immersed in the wonderful world of cheeses. And, Arbequina & Co is the... Read more