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Anna Chiarini: Bean & Cricket Squares with Reserva Familiar Picual EVOO

04 June 2020

Bean & Cricket Squares are a perfect savory treat that can accompany you thought the day. The are a great and immediate source of fibre and protein. They boost your energy and can be a great addition to your workout nutrition schedule. Beans are very good source of protein, fiber, vitamins from B complex, potassium, magnesium, zinc and copper. Flaxseed provides a good amount of fiber,... Read more

The importance of Biodiversity

19 May 2020

Next May 22nd,the International Biodiversity Day is celebrated. This is a very special date in our Estate since we proclaim the perfect harmony and integration between agricultural activities and the normal flow of Nature. Our olive grove is a perfect habitat that provides an adequate environment to all the autochthonous living species, plants or animals. Our Estate possess a perfect... Read more

Contingency Plan COVID-19

13 May 2020

At the global pandemic produced by the COVID 19, we want to share  our Contingency Plan that aims to ensure the health of our workers, the quality and food safety of our EVO as well as reducing the risk of cessation of our activity, everything in line with the recommendations of the Sanitary Authorities As you know, one of our key pillars is the maximum quality of our products but also... Read more

At FRONT ROW SOCIETY magazine by Carola Faber

11 May 2020

We share with you an article written by the prestigious German journalist Carola Faber. This time she writes about Castillo de Canena in Front Row Society magazine. This publication has a great prestige thanks to the authentic, high value stories, together with impresive illustrations, which is the Brand of the magazine and that makes of it a unique magazine in Germany. Carola Faber, travel... Read more

Bud opening and flowering

08 May 2020

Our field has blossomed into bright yellow and white colours... the flowering of the olive trees has begun!   The buds of the wefts have opened and clusters containing 20 or 30 flowers are stitching the branches of the trees. With one week in advance, and as a result of the moderate temperatures of this winter and spring, the miracle of Nature appears once again. Greenish... Read more