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Cheddar cheese in two colors and Arbequina&Co

26 October 2016

INGREDIENTS  1 yellow Cheddar bar 1 orange Cheddar bar EVOO Arbequina&Co PREPARATION Cut the different cheeses in cubes. Add as many droplets of Arbequina&Co as you wish. You can make the game to try each cheese with each of the numbers of Arbequina&Co! In any case, we recommend to accompany the yellow cheddar with Arbequina&Co 03 and the orange cheddar with... Read more

Refreshing and Healthy drinks with Arbequina&Co

01 September 2016

We want to share with you the excellent refreshing and healthy ideas proposed by the nutritionist and our friend Luisa Solano on her blog to keep an optimum hydration of our body. This is a fun way to consume flavored water with fresh fruits and a touch of our Arbequina&Co. We loved these refreshing proposals! Here is the preparation of them. You will want to try them all! Wash... Read more

Cocktail recipes with Arbequina&Co olive oils

19 July 2016

Original and fresh cocktail recipes with our natural olive oils Arbequina&Co, perfect for summer and they will surprise you and your guests! As you already know, our last project Arbequina&Co is made of 99,5% Castillo de Canena Arbequina EVOO + natural essential oils from different plants, flowers and fruits... Do you want to know more?? ¡Esperamos que os gusten! Source:... Read more

Cheese toast and fresh tomatoes with Castillo de Canena’s Picual olive oil

21 June 2016

Love the bread with tomato! Today we have reinvented this fabulous recipe regarding our selection of Mexican and Colombian recipes that we have developed together with Pulaa accessories. In the previous recipes with Pulaa, we had talked about their handbags but ... what a joy that they have also these nice leather sandals! They are comfortable, practical and handmade by a local shoemaker from... Read more

Guacamole with First Day of Harvest Picual and nachos

21 June 2016

Here a renowned Mexican recipe as the guacamole is! And we decided to highlight its tomato flavours by adding few drops of our premium olive oil First Day Harvest Picual… amazing! A special touch for such a special recipe! It’s one of the recipes that we have made in collaboration with Pulaa accessories. As you already know, this brand supports the development of certain Mexican and... Read more