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We send our oils to Meki (Ethiopia) through Pablo Horstmann Foundation in order to collaborate in their project of access to food, schooling and health care for disadvantaged families.

Fundacion Pablo Horstmann_Castillo_de_Canena

We are proud to make our EVOO arrive to the 55 countries where we work. And, even more, it is a great satisfaction, that thanks to the work of our team and the confidence of you consumers, we can also reach people who need to cover their most basic needs through such wonderful projects as this one … in which of course we will keep collaborating!!

Pablo Horstmann Foundation’s mission is to help the most disadvantaged families, especially those with orphans children, in particularly vulnerable rural areas in Africa such as Meki (Ethiopia) and Lamu or Turkana (Kenya).

Fundacion Pablo Horstmann_Castillo_de_Canena

Their different projects are aimed at joining forces to cover basic needs of the children of these communities. Thanks to these actions, they have access to health, nutrition, education and in some cases, to a safe home. They have built a pediatric hospital, as well as two preschools in Kenya, as well as the management of an orphanage and a clinic in Ethiopia.

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