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Corporate Credo


At Castillo de Canena Group, which has a long olive-growing history, we play a leading role in the premium EVOO sector, producing the highest quality olive oils from our terroirs, while at the same time meeting the needs of our consumers by offering them quality, sensory experiences, image, health and information. We are present in over 50 countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, the United States, Japan, China, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico and Peru.

Within the premium EVOO sector, we have won the most important prizes and awards that designate us as ‘one of the best oils in the world’. We search for excellence in quality, and have a firm commitment to environmental sustainability that is achieved via numerous practices that regenerate the natural habitat. Some examples of these include: solar panels; ensuring groundcover throughout the entire farm to reduce soil erosion and preserve native plant species; beekeeping; using pruned branches to make clean and eco-friendly fuel biomass, etc., not to mention being faithful to expanding ecological and biodynamic agriculture.

 We are able to do this thanks to the daily effort and work of the teams that make up the Group. Their professionalism and involvement have made all these achievements possible, in particular during these past months when the pandemic that we are experiencing has shown its most virulent side.

 However, to keep growing it is essential that we remain committed to the intangible values – such as responsibility, respect, loyalty and motivation – that have helped to shape the Company’s spirit. All this will allow us, on the one hand, to address any failings we have as well as threats to the sector, and, on the other, permit us to take advantage of our strengths to enhance our position as a leader and find new business opportunities. In September 2018, we adopted the SGE-21 Standard and since then it has become a vital tool helping us to quantify and communicate our intangible values on a social, environmental and good governance level throughout our entire value chain.

 This is why this Corporate Credo – that is part of our Company’s DNA – is the best instrument for all our employees to understand and manage the challenges we face on a daily basis. It will permit us, hand in hand with our experience, to continue to produce and sell the best EVOOs in the world, remain committed to environmental sustainability, and, from a standpoint of social responsibility, offer our stakeholders the highest quality. It is precisely now, in January 2021, with the very real threat of this terrible global pandemic caused by Covid-19, that these values are more necessary than ever to mitigate the effects of this troubling situation.  




 General Management                                                                                Baeza, January 18th,  2021





. – Fluid and transparent communication

We must all abide by the law, act with integrity and honesty in all aspects of work and personal life, as well as be responsible for our actions. Transparency, motivation and empathy are fundamental for being able to work as a team in a multidisciplinary way that uses continuous training and the most advanced technology. In the same way, we are obliged to report any behaviour that is found to be inconsistent with the Group’s standards.

In order to uphold this commitment, it is necessary that any behaviour that goes against the precepts outlined in this document is communicated to our chain of command. In addition, employees have two channels at their disposal that will treat all communications made in good faith in a totally confidential way and in compliance with the Group’s ethics.

The two channels designed for resolving problems, making suggestions and/or filing complaints can be done via the email address, or via a suggestions/complaints box set up in different workplaces.


. – Commitment, efficiency and personal development

Castillo de Canena Group encourages a work environment in which employees participate in the Company’s strategic objectives and can develop both personally and professionally. To do this, all team members must be informed and be aware of the Company’s general goals and should act with dedication and efficiency, rationalising their work hours as this will contribute to their professional and personal growth.

Furthermore, everyone must be personally involved in their professional development, increase their skills and constantly update their acquirement of knowledge, which they must share with their colleagues.


. – Labour rights and work-life balance

Human capital is our Group’s most important asset. Not only do we uphold and declare ‘zero tolerance’ for discrimination and any type of harassment or unfairness in the workplace – as recognised by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – but we are also firmly committed to a good work-life balance, adapting work hours to the specific needs of each employee, being as flexible and practical as necessary.

The Group is committed to not use child or forced labour, either directly or indirectly, and it guarantees its employees freedom of association, opinion and expression, as well as the right to collective bargaining.

Consequently, a respect for labour rights must be applied to all the professional actions of its employees.


. – Occupational health and safety

All employees, as stated in the plans on prevention and safety at work, carry out their work in a hygienic and safe environment.

Castillo de Canena Group’s Occupational Risk Prevention Policy aims to provide safe and healthy working environments, thus guaranteeing people’s right to protect their health as well as their physical and moral integrity.

To do this, all employees must know and strictly comply with the health and safety standards set out by the Company. Furthermore, all employees have the right to communicate, via the channels devised for this purpose, any situation that puts the health and safety of employees at risk. The following email address and/or the suggestions/complaints box provided at the various workplaces can be used for this.


. – Equal opportunities

Castillo de Canena Group accepts the commitment to provide suitable work environments to ensure that there is no discrimination of any kind based on gender, race, ideology, religion, sexual orientation, age, nationality, disability or any other personal, physical or social condition, and in which diversity is respected and valued. To do this, all employees must take action in the workplace to respect the policies on equality set out by the Group.

Everyone at management level must be objective and unbiased towards other employees with regard to their recruitment and promotion, as well as with remuneration, training and assessment. All of these actions must be carried out within a framework that is free of any kind of discrimination and based exclusively on individual performance, professional worth and the capacity of each person.


. – Responsible use of information

We sometimes have information that is not yet in the public domain (future R+D+i projects, certifications, etc.) that is of great value for the development and growth of the Group. This information must never be disclosed.

The information we give must be accurate, up-to-date and complete in order to make reliable decisions.

– Confidentiality of information and Data Protection.

The confidential information of both the Company and its employees or clients and customers must be kept confidential in accordance with the Law on Data Protection.

– Management of resources and protection and responsible use of the Company’s assets.

All team members must strive to make rational, logical and careful use of the Group’s material assets.




. – The Group’s brand and image

Castillo de Canena Group believes that its brand, image and corporate reputation are among its most important assets.

All the members of the team must ensure that their actions and behaviour do not harm the Group’s image and reputation, and no employee may use the Castillo de Canena name and/or brand for any uses other than those allowed by the Organisation.


. – Quality of service, customer attention and fair competition

We constantly endeavour to improve the offer and quality of our products and services, as well as to establish relationships of trust and mutual respect with our customers.

We are firmly committed to competing in the market actively yet fairly, respecting the rules of both the free market and those regarding competition.

All employees must thus prioritise the achievement of excellence in service quality and in internal and external customer service by quickly and rigorously working to fulfil their obligations. All employees must strive to attend to and understand customers, anticipate their needs and satisfy them efficiently by providing clear and truthful information about the products and services we offer.

In addition, every employee must place the interests of the Company and customers above their own and must not provide false or misleading information about the competition, nor use it to carry out actions that could discredit competitors.

No employee shall engage in any practice that aims to, has, or may have the effect of preventing, restricting or distorting competition and, in particular, those that consist in price fixing or of any other nature with regard to actions they are carrying out on behalf of the Group. They must also refrain from accepting remuneration or goods in return for their regular and regulated work. An exception is made for courtesy gifts that have a symbolic value or those of an advertising nature, as long as they are in accordance with what is set out in the internal rules on procurement and expenses.


. – Relationship with suppliers

Relationships with suppliers must be based on the quality of the services and products they offer, and on the integrity of their business practices, guaranteeing – in addition to socially responsible behaviour – transparency, equal treatment and the use of objective criteria for their selection, as set out in the internal procurement regulations.

The selection and contracting of products or services to third parties must be carried out with objective technical, professional and economic criteria, always meeting the needs and interests of the Group and complying with the internal selection and procurement rules set out for this purpose.

No relationships may be established with suppliers that violate the law or the basic principles set out in this Code of Ethics.

No employee may receive or offer money in the form of commissions or gratuities, or receive gifts or favours of any kind from suppliers.


. – Relationships with society

The Group believes that being located in a particular territory means behaving responsibly towards it and the people who inhabit this land. We thus aim to give preference to local people and suppliers of goods and services in the area. This allows us to contribute – using all the tools available to us – to the development, progress and improvement of the personal and working conditions of the people of Jaén and Andalusia.


. – Conflicts of interest, anti-corruption and bribery

The Group believes that loyalty is an essential value that can also be compatible with employees working in other kinds of business or carrying out professional activities as long as these are legal and do not conflict with the interests of the Company and the employees’ responsibilities to the Group.


– Employees shall act loyally and defend the Company’s interests.

– Employees shall refrain from engaging in any professional or personal activity that may lead to a conflict of interest with their work within the Group. They shall also refrain from representing the Group, intervening in or influencing decision-making on matters in which, directly or indirectly, they themselves, close family members or close associates have a personal interest.

– Any employee who may be affected by a conflict of interest must, prior to any decision on the matter in question, inform the Management of their organisation so that the necessary measures can be taken to prevent their impartiality from being compromised.

With regard to corruption and/or bribery, the Group is against unethical practices that aim to inappropriately influence the actions and will of third parties in order to obtain advantages.

As such, no employee shall accept or engage in bribery or offer benefits to third parties who are at the service of any organisation (public or private) and/or political party, to obtain advantages or do business, whatever their nature. Any use of corruption that comes to an employee’s attention must be reported via one of the two established channels: email address or the suggestions/comments and/or complaints box provided at the various workplaces.



. – Policy of action

The Group’s actions are inspired by the principle of ethical and socially responsible behaviour, which is one of the Group’s main pillars of action and is set out in our Social Responsibility Policy.

Consequently, employees must adapt their actions to the principles set out in the Social Responsibility Policy that has been approved by the Group.


. – Environmental policy

The Group adheres to a very strict Environmental Policy whose basic criteria includes the harmonious coexistence of the Environment with our business interests, the development of environmental management actions and the encouragement of environmental responsibility.

At the Group, we firmly believe in the sustainability of the olive groves on our property, understanding this to mean using agricultural resources well below their rate of replacement. Put another way, it means trying to pass down to the next generation natural ecosystems, fertile soil and abetter-quality environment than those we inherited from our parents.

By controlling the entire production chain throughout the entire EVOO cycle, we have been able to transmit this work philosophy – which is part of our Corporate Credo – to all our consumers and customers, also making them participants in these intangible values of our Company. Our understanding of sustainability and our concern for climate change has led us to implement a series of strategic measures on our farm. These, which are ongoing, aim to promote biodiversity, environmental health, the use of renewable energies, a continuous increase of organic or biodynamic cultivation of our land, permanent research in the biological fight against pests and diseases affecting olive groves, and the optimisation of scarce natural resources.

Consequently, all employees must accept and respect the Environmental Policy, and always comply with the rules of action set out in this regard.

. – Transparency of information

The trust placed in the Group by different stakeholders is based on the transparent, truthful and inclusive information that the Company provides for all areas of its activity.

Consequently, every employee must be responsible for ensuring that the information provided is accurate, clear and truthful.


.-  Sanctions

Non-compliance with the Credo will be analysed and managed by the CSR Committee together with its operating protocol and resolved in accordance with applicable internal and external regulations.

Both employees and distributors or sales agents must be aware of the sanctions that will be applied as a result of non-compliance with both the Corporate Credo and the Group’s internal and external rules.


Baeza, January 18th, 2021

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