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PR: Donation of more than 6,000 litres to those most affected by the COVID-19 crisis

To help those most affected by the current economic and social crisis
caused by COVID-19

Castillo de Canena donates more than 6,000 litres of extra virgin olive oil for soup kitchens, disadvantaged homes and hospitals throughout Spain


In line with its work philosophy and in view of the serious economic and social situation that we are suffering as a result of the coronavirus crisis, the Castillo de Canena olive producing company has decided to reinforce its acts of solidarity, directing its efforts to those most in need of help.

More specifically, the family company has already donated more than 6,000 litres of extra virgin oil, worth more than 25,000 euros, for especially needy or disadvantaged groups in our country that are being hit hardest by this pandemic.


“In our company we produce extra virgin olive oil, a staple food in the daily diet of people in Spain and that can withstand long storage periods without the loss of sensory qualities. For this reason, we have decided to make different donations of our Torre de Canena extra virgin olive oil – in 5 and 2 litre bottles and intended for the mass market – to soup kitchens in Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Barcelona, ​​Huelva, Jaén and Coruña, hospitals, food trucks for truck drivers and disadvantaged households throughout Spain,” noted Francisco Vañó, CEO of Castillo de Canena.

As Rosa Vañó, head of Marketing and Communication at Castillo de Canena, explained, “We are very aware that a part of Spanish society is suffering from an inability to cover their essential needs. That’s why, at Castillo de Canena we want to help those who need it most, sharing a product that is a fundamental part of our diet and our gastronomy and is necessary in every home; a food that is healthy and nutritious and quintessentially Spanish: extra virgin olive oil.”

In this regard, it is not the first time that Castillo de Canena has carried out acts of solidarity and social responsibility. For this reason, in September 2018, the company obtained the SGE-21 certificate from FORÉTICA for its ethical and socially responsible management system.

In order to make these donations, Castillo de Canena enjoys the collaboration and experience of prestigious social organisations and participates in other acts of solidarity being promoted by renowned chefs such as José Andrés and Mario Sandoval.



The main organisations and social initiatives with which Castillo de Canena is collaborating, with the donation of 6,000 litres of extra virgin olive oil so far, are the World Central Kitchen foundation by chef José Andrés (Madrid, Barcelona & Valencia), the initiative in San Blas district in Madrid by chef Mario Sandoval, the Spanish Red Cross, the Ángel Nieto Foundation, the initiative Food for Good Barcelona, ​​Turismo Solidario 2020 – in collaboration with ACYRE, Gastronomía Solidaria and Food Truck Spain – the Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation, the Hospitaller Foundation of the Order of Malta, the Santa María de La Paz hostel, Foodie Angels, the association Jóvenes por España (Youth for Spain), Pequeños Pasos foundation, San Juan de Dios Church and Soñar Despierto foundation.

José Andrés, through his World Central Kitchen foundation – in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia – , has already served more than 250,000 nutritious and healthy lunches in soup kitchens in cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Barcelona, ​​Huelva, Jaén and Coruña. These soup kitchens are now also being visited by the most vulnerable families, which lack resources of any kind and in recent weeks have suffered an ERTE (temporary lay-off plan) or redundancy. It is an initiative in which other renowned chefs also participate, such as Germán Carrizo and Carito Lourenço (Fierro Restaurant) in Valencia, and Pedro Sánchez (Bagá) in Jaén – together with Marcos Reguera in the kitchens of Marcos Reguera Catering.

Another outstanding chef, Mario Sandoval, has also been keen to help in these difficult times. And Castillo de Canena has also donated extra virgin oil to Mario, who cooks, in person and with his brothers, for some 220 disadvantaged people in the Madrid neighbourhood of San Blas, who are no longer able to properly feed their children after the closure of schools due to the pandemic.

In addition, Castillo de Canena also participates in the great charity auction in the world of gastronomy #JuntosSaldremos (“We’ll get out of this together”) – supporting the Spanish Red Cross and raising funds for those directly affected by coronavirus, for the most vulnerable groups and the professionals who are on the front line – the benefits of which will go to help a total of more than a million people.

The company also participates in the activities of the Ángel Nieto Foundation, which, together with the Larrumba group of restaurants, is distributing a complete menu every day among healthcare personnel who are working in different emergency centres in Madrid.

At the same time, Castillo de Canena also collaborates with the Food for Good Barcelona initiative, which aims to cook and distribute healthy and balanced meals for the most disadvantaged people in Barcelona, ​​most of them homeless, providing up to 1,000 daily meals.

The destination of another of the company’s donations is the social activity carried out by Turismo Solidario 2020, in collaboration with ACYRE, Gastronomía Solidaria and Food Truck Spain, which involves providing between 500 and 600 daily servings of food for MercaMadrid truck drivers.

In addition, Castillo de Canena also collaborates with the Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation and with the four houses that the institution has in Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Valencia and Madrid to provide care for families who have seriously ill children and who have had to move in order to receive specialist medical treatment in a referral hospital.

The company has also donated extra virgin oil to the Hospitaller Foundation of the Order of Malta, which cares for vulnerable people and those in danger of social exclusion in the soup kitchens of San Juan Bautista in Madrid and San Juan de Acre in Seville, and to the NGO Escuela de Hostelería Cesal, which channels its efforts into assisting young people in danger of social exclusion.

Castillo de Canena also collaborates with the Santa María de La Paz hostel, which particularly focuses on the care of elderly people with a long history of living on the streets and who, typically suffering from a high level of deterioration and in a situation which tends to be chronic, need a facility that offers them a comprehensive shelter service for medium/long stays.

Similarly, it has also allocated extra virgin oil to the Foodie Angels initiative, which aims to get hold of local food and bring it to families in need through its team of volunteers.

The company has also donated extra virgin oil to the Jóvenes por España association. This is a youth association run by volunteers which aims to help people with disabilities and elderly people living alone.

And, finally, it has also donated to the Pequeños Pasos Foundation, which directs its efforts to people with disabilities and the elderly who do not have sufficient resources to meet their needs.


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