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Picual biodynamic veil with its flowers

We want to share with you all a very special recipe!

This is the fabulous dish which the chef Iolanda Bustos from La Calendula Restaurant participated in the International Prize for cuisine with extra virgin olive oil “Jaén Paraiso Interior” 2017.

Picual biodynamic veil with its flowers and brandada on extra virgin sand of carob, almonds and green figs

You are going to need the following ingredients for 6 servings:FOTO RECETA CONCURSO ACEITE DE OLIVA JAEN PARAISO INTERIOR

Brandada: ½ kg desalted cod, 100ml. Extra virgin olive oil Biodynamic Castillo de Canena (herbaceous and floral intensity), A sprig of thyme and a clove of garlic

Oil veil: 250ml water, 100ml extra virgin olive oil Biodynamic Canena Castillo de Canena picual, 200ml. Honey of orange blossom, 25 grs. Elastic (Gelling thickener), Mixture of fresh petals of edible wild flowers of season

Virgin sand: 250grs of almond flour, 50 grs. Of carob flour, 4 tablespoons of our picual. A green fig.

Click here to see elaboration details 🙂




Chef: Iolanda Bustos

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