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Waiting for the new harvest!

Picual Castillo de Canena

As you know, the last flowering (in the month of May) was about 10 days ahead of the average of the past years. This phenological advance has been maintained over the months and during the different vegetative stages: hardening of the bone, fattening of the fruit and its veraison (just now started).

The flowering was abundant, as well as the fruit set (barberry has practically not existed, and the fruiting was very homogeneous in the different pagos and plots of our Farm). Flowering was also characterized by extreme weather conditions: about 50 liters/m2 fell due to rainwater, but we also suffered high temperature peaks, which resulted in a certain stress on the plant.

Good management of the vegetation cover, an adequate water supply and a balanced nutrition are basic elements to generate a good harvest. We have done our best, monitoring every single detail, and we really hope an excellent Harvest this year, even though the month of July was one of the most extreme ones that are remembered in Andalusia in terms of temperatures.

The sharp drop in temperatures in mid-September, accompanied by the first faint autumn rains, may have caused an acceleration of the lipogenesis process generated by these thermal integrals.

The next two weeks are decisive for the evolution of the ripening indices. We will have to be very attentive to observe how the fruits of our different pagos are maturing.

Royal Castillo de Canena

Arbequina Castillo de Canena

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