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In the heart of Madrid, we can find the restaurant CEBO, where Chef Aurelio Morales, awarded a Estrella Michelin, carries out a cuisine where he maintains the balance between technique and product, and delves into the traditional recipe book and the autochthonous pantry. Seasonal fish and vegetables are the most outstanding dishes of a sensory journey that manages to thrill based on technique, ingenuity and meticulous background work. For this year 2019 has developed a completely innovative menu, would you like to know? You’re lucky, here it is!


Savoury Bites

Garlic plancton and baby shrimp
Russian salad, dashi broth and anchovy
Yolk pudding and red caviar
Spanish “polvorón” made of marinated anchovies and manzanilla wine sorbet
Sea & campagne pâté
Roquefort, lyo-rock

1st Starters

Vegetables, “sunomono” & mediterranean shrimp
Oysters with gravy & caviar

2nd Starters

Octopus, baby octopus, stem lettuce and marine vegetables
Hake cheeks “a la romana” and almost white curry


 “Salmorreta” rice from alicante
Pumpkin and shropshire cheese rice


Turbot “pinotxo”
Monkfish, sider and mollusks


Greased and matured duck “goulash” and roasted crest
Royal suckling pig


Cheese citrus
Citrus cheese


Jasmine bloom
Truffled chocolate pie

Sweet bites

Sweet fried milk with coconut
Lemon pie macaron
Vanilla bourbon pudding
White chocolate truffle
Lyo violet
Colombian chocolate


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