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Fine Sandwich, it’s about mussels & whiskey


CO(K) bread by Triticum Cerveza_artesana_Virgen_bocadillo_mejillones_Castillo_de_Canena

Pickled mussels


Olive Oil Oak Smoked Arbequino Castillo de Canena (the blue bottle!)

LA VIRGEN Madrid 360 craft beer


For this fine sándwich the CO(K) bread by Triticum is perfect. Especially, the Delux CO(K) aromas goes perfectly with our creation. Open the bread and place the strained mussels.

Prepare a sauce with the juice of the pickled mussels, our smoked oil (Oak Smoked Arbequino olive oil Castillo de Canena) and a bit of whiskey (we suggest to pour gradually to find the exact point we like).

Pour this sauce over the mussels and close the sandwich.

Don’t you think it is a fun touch for the mussels! And the fun is total if  we accompany it by a Premium craft beer which match in a perfect way…as the LA VIRGEN Madrid 360º (La Virgen microbrewery) with extra hops, renowned for its fresh and intense flavors. It is a blond beer with a creamy foam that combine perfectly with this simple but original sandwich!

Let’s see all fine sándwich + craft beer recipes!

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