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Thanksgiving dessert: carrots & pumpkin cake

We have chosen a vegetable cake, based on carrots and pumpkin that we will accompany with a citrus cream 😉

CARROTS & PUMPKIN CAKE thanksgiving_recipe_pumpkin_cake_EVOO_1

INGREDIENTS: 400g cooked carrots, 800g cooked pumpkin, 200g brown sugar, 3 eggs, clove powder, cumin powder, nutmeg, olive oil Arbequina&Co 04 (99.5% EVOO Arbequina + essential oils  of cinnamon, walnut and bergamot)


Make a puree with the cooked pumpkin and boiled carrots.

Beat the eggs with a pinch of cumin, nutmeg and clove. Add the sugar and beat well. Add the pumpkin and carrot puree to the mixture. Add 25ml olive oil Arbequina & Co 04.

Put in the oven at 160º for about 40 minutes, until the cake has set well.

thanksgiving_recipe_pumpkin_cake_with_cream_EVOO_2NATA WITH CITRUS TOUCHES

INGREDIENTS: 1 package of cream for cooking, olive oil Arbequina&Co 02 (99.5% EVOO Arbequina + essential oils of lemon, fennel and mint).

PREPARATION: beat the cream to stiff with a mixer. Add few drops of Arbequina&Co 02 olive oil and wrap with the cream carefully.

Incorporate to the cake as you prefer!


* Look at this funny dessert animation:


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