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Two coloured vegetable purée with Early Royal EVOO

We will prepare the two creams separately. In both we opted for the touches of freshly cut grass, artichoke and green banana peel of our Early Royal extra virgin olive oil … you will love it!


INGREDIENTS: ½ sweet white onion, 500g peeled pumpkin, 1 clove garlic, ½ teaspoon curry, vegetable broth, extra virgin olive oil Early Royal Castillo de Canena.christmas_recipe_pumpkin_red_cabbage_pure_Castillo_de_Canena

PREPARATION: Sauté the clove of garlic and onion in two tablespoons of EVOO Early Royal. When poached, add the curry and remove. Add the broth and let reduce until tender. Liquefy and reserve.


INGREDIENTS: ½ sweet white onion, 1 pinch of cinnamon, Sherry vinegar, 1 glass of red wine, vegetable broth, extra virgin olive oil Early Royal Castillo de Canena.

PREPARATION: Clean the leaves of the red cabbage (separate them from the trunk) and chop them. Poach the onion in two tablespoons of Royal extra virgin olive oil. Add the red cabbage and sauté. Add the vinegar and the wine. Let it reduce. Cover with the broth and let the red cabbage become tender. Liquefy.


Fill the half part of a transparent small glass with the red cabbage purée. When it is seated, put the pumpkin purée over it. Finish with Early Royal EVOO, some peeled pumpkin seeds and some grains of black salt.

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