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Arbequina & Co. at Madrid Fusion

We are in Madrid Fusión at 75-76 stand (Grandes Pagos del Olivar) & also in the VIP zone where we are introducing our new project Arbequina & Co , a perfect combination of essential oils and natural aromas of bitter orange , thyme and orange blossom ; lemon , fennel and mint ; cardamom , mandarin and apple ; and cinnamon, nutmeg and bergamot with 100% natural ingredients . Ideal to taste with cheese and cocktails!


Arbequina&Co_Quesos_Castillo_de_Canena Castillo_de_Canena_Arbequina&Co_Cocktails Castillo_de_Canena_Cocktails_Arbequina&co Cocktail_Arbequina&Co_Castillo_de_Canena_Madrid_Fusión Quesos_Arbequina&Co_Castillo_de_Canena_Madrid_Fusión

You can see here the press release: Arbequina&Co 

January 2016

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