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Artificial vision in the elaboration of our EVOO

Do you know that this year we have been pioneers again in making use of the most advanced technology during our Harvest?

We use an artificial vision system that has helped us select, one by one, the best olives for the production of our extra virgin olive oils.

Only the fruits that are in their correct color level of veraison and are healthy and perfectly hydrated are those that pass the filter of this machine which is capable of analyzing hundreds of olives per second. Those that do not have an adequate size, are overmature or have some damage to their epicarp (skin) such as hail wounds or fly bites, are automatically discarded.

This technology is the result of an R&D project in which we are immersed and which we call “EVOOLUTION“. After more than 3 years of trials and tests, finally in this harvest all the olives that we have selected to produce our EVOO have been previously controlled using this revolutionary technology. So, we keep increasing, even more if possible, the extreme sensory quality of our olive juices.

Castillo de Canena has been the first olive company in the world to use Multiscan technology!

Here you can watch the video: link.

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