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Beef carpaccio with our Family Reserve Arbequina





First, clean the veal of nerves and fat and put it in the freezer, wrapped in film, for 30 minutes to make it tough, but not too hard.

After this time, cut the veal tenderloin into very thin sheets and then place it between two transparent films and hit with a mortar to crush it and make it thiner. We will place these sheets into the fridge to keep them cold.

Aside, season the arugula by mixing the lemon juice with our extra virgin olive oil Family Reserve Arbequina. Also, cut some parmesan into flakes.

To serve, we will place the Carpaccio on a flat plate and on top we place the seasoned arugula together with the flakes of Parmesan and the capers. Finish it by seasoning with some salt, black pepper and Family Reserve Arbequina EVOO… enjoy!

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