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Waiting for the new harvest!

24 September 2020

Picual Castillo de Canena As you know, the last flowering (in the month of May) was about 10 days ahead of the average of the past years. This phenological advance has been maintained over the months and during the different vegetative stages: hardening of the bone, fattening of the fruit and its veraison (just now started). The flowering was abundant, as well as the fruit set (barberry... Read more

Biodiversity: our vineyards

14 August 2020

At Castillo de Canena we continue to care for and maintain the Biodiversity in our fields.   A few days ago our winemaker Esther García came to visit us to monitor our small vineyard. The vines of the Tempranillo, Grenache, Petit Verdot varieties and some old pre-phylloxera vines  (from the renowned winery Abadia Retuerta)  with twisted trunks are developing correctly and are... Read more

Olivares de Luz … fireflies in our Estate!

07 July 2020

 On the International Day of  Fireflies and, as another action to stimulate the biodiversity of our ecosystem and recover species in danger of extinction, in Castillo de Canena we have created the project "Olivares de luz" (Olive Groves of Light) in cooperation with Professor Jose Ramon Guzman Alvarez of the University of Cordoba. The goal is to reintroduce fireflies in our olive groves and... Read more

Integrated Production Standard

13 May 2020

YEAR THE INTEGRATED PRODUCTION STANDARD WAS INTRODUCED: 1995 SCOPE: All of Castillo de Canena’s EVOOs except Biodynamic Picual and Biodynamic Arbequina. OUTLINE AND GOALS OF THE STANDARD: Integrated Production refers to farming or production systems which handle, transform or manufacture raw materials by using natural resources and mechanisms to the highest extent possible to ensure... Read more

Bud opening and flowering

08 May 2020

Our field has blossomed into bright yellow and white colours... the flowering of the olive trees has begun!   The buds of the wefts have opened and clusters containing 20 or 30 flowers are stitching the branches of the trees. With one week in advance, and as a result of the moderate temperatures of this winter and spring, the miracle of Nature appears once again. Greenish... Read more