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Installing nest boxes and bats shelters in our olive grove

26 Апрель 2017

Since 2015 we are developing the “Proyecto Olivares Vivos” (Alive Olive Groves project) in collaboration with SEO-BirldLife to promote biodiversity in our olive groves. Since then, several actions have been carried out in favor of environmental sustainability. This time, as part of these actions, we have installed nest boxes in our olive grove ... and even shelters for bats! Many thanks... Read more

Holm Oaks, we keep working on our 100% native Reforestation Project

19 Апрель 2017

We keep working on our intensive reforestation plan which we started in 2012 with the objective of improving our olive grove, to encourage and stimulate the enhancement of our own plant biodiversity. After the planting of cypresses and walnut trees, we started with the reforestation of holm oaks. At the beginning of this project we selected the 4 largest oaks (Quercus Iles) of our farm and we... Read more

Spring in the olive grove!

03 Апрель 2017

Spring has already come to our olive grove, at this time of the year nature offers us beautiful views and a diversity of flowers and colors that delight to admire! Here are these precious images for you to enjoy our farm for a moment ...... :arrow:  ... Read more

A peregrine falcon in our olive grove

20 Февраль 2017

In 2015 we signed an agreement with SEO/BirdLife to promote biodiversity in our olive groves. and since then we have  launched different actions in order to shelter more wildlife in our olive grove. And it's working! On the last SEO/Birdlife visit to our farm we had the privilege of spotting a peregrine falcon, the world's fastest bird! We want to share a beautiful photo where Eduardo... Read more

Bottling on demand, one by one

15 Февраль 2017

The excellence of our extra virgin olive oils starts from the collection, we tests in our farm in which zone and optimal time of maturation we can get the best olive juices. We take the harvested olives to our mill on a maximum time of 3 hours and by mechanical procedures, they are milled in cold with great care using the most advanced and modern technology. Once we have our EVOO, we keep... Read more