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Deers in our olive grove!

17 October 2017

Look what we found today in our olive grove! Beautiful deers walking around our olive grove! We keep our commitment to biodiversity and the environment.     Check out the measures we apply in our... Read more

Our carbolivar project in EU congress

31 May 2017

Our carbolivar project was part of the European Union congress of Geoscience held in Vienna, one of the largest scientific congresses in Europe nowadays. Carbolivar was presented by the scientist Sara Marañón from the University of Granada, which leads this project in our farm. During the presentation, Sara Marañon highlighted the importance of respecting the natural vegetation cover in... Read more

Owls in our Finca for biodiversity!

22 May 2017

We keep developing togethe with Olivares Vivos many actions in favor of environmental sustainability and the improvement of our Environment. As part of these measures we had installed shelters for bats in different corners of our farm and now it is time to take care of the owls. Cortijo Guadiana is the only farm in our country in which a re-introduction technique (called Hacking) will be... Read more

Flowering of the olive trees

18 May 2017

Once again we move you to our olive grove and it is beautiful to do it in spring when the olive trees are in bloom!! Thanks to the complex Precision Agriculture that we have been applying in Castillo de Canena in recent years, and although it is still too early to talk about the harvest, we are very happy with the first data that we have gathered in today's analysis in our olive grove. We... Read more

Installing nest boxes and bats shelters in our olive grove

26 April 2017

Since 2015 we are developing the “Proyecto Olivares Vivos” (Alive Olive Groves project) in collaboration with SEO-BirldLife to promote biodiversity in our olive groves. Since then, several actions have been carried out in favor of environmental sustainability. This time, as part of these actions, we have installed nest boxes in our olive grove ... and even shelters for bats! Many thanks... Read more