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Leña restaurant, in Marbella, by Dani García

13 August 2020

Do you already know the latest from the 3-star Michelin chef Dani García? It's in Marbella and it's called LEÑA restaurant! As always with Dani García, the product is a fundamental pillar of its cuisine, and this time it will surprise you too! It is an honor that our EVOO is among its allies ... looking forward you to taste it! enjoy!... Read more

Rosa Vañó, President of the Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism

29 July 2020

Our commercial director, Rosa Vañó, appointed as the new president of the Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism (AAGT). We share with you a fragment of an interesting interview in AGRO MAGAZINE. ** You can find the original one at the following link: Interview with Rosa Vañó by Agro Magazine. "Andalusia is pure gastronomy and tourism, and you have to know how to position it... Read more

Golden Eagle cooling off at our olive grove

29 July 2020

On these summer days with extremely high temperatures, the different drinking fountains that we have installed in several areas of our olive groves are frequently visited by all kinds of animals and birds that come to them to cool off. Thanks to these camouflaged cameras, we have taken beautiful images this past weekend: a specimen of a golden eagle and a woodpecker fighting the heat in the... Read more

Beef carpaccio with our Family Reserve Arbequina

09 July 2020

INGREDIENTS 350 gr beef tenderloin 1/2 lemon juice Extra Virgin Olive Oil Family Reserve Arbequina Parmesan cheese Arugula Capers Salt Black pepper     ELABORATION First, clean the veal of nerves and fat and put it in the freezer, wrapped in film, for 30 minutes to make it tough, but not too hard. After this time, cut the veal tenderloin into... Read more

Olivares de Luz … fireflies in our Estate!

07 July 2020

 On the International Day of  Fireflies and, as another action to stimulate the biodiversity of our ecosystem and recover species in danger of extinction, in Castillo de Canena we have created the project "Olivares de luz" (Olive Groves of Light) in cooperation with Professor Jose Ramon Guzman Alvarez of the University of Cordoba. The goal is to reintroduce fireflies in our olive groves and... Read more