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Valentines Menu: Mango with Stilton cream

13 February 2018

Ingredients 1 mango Stilton cheese Philadelphia cheese Family Reserve Arbequina EVOO Elaboration Mxs the Stilton cheese with a spoon of Philadelphia and a little bit of our extra virgin olive oil Family reserve Arbequina. Stir until everything unifies. Finally just peal and cut the mango and serve together with just finished cheese cream. An exotic and home-made way for... Read more

Christmas Recipe: Grilled foie with sweet bread (brioche) and Arbequina&Co 04

21 December 2017

INGREDIENTS Fresh foie  Brioche or other sweet bread Arbequina&Co 04 PREPARATION Brown the foie on the grill. Dispose over the bread or brioche and finish with some drops of our olive oil Arbequina&Co 04. Enjoy here more christmas... Read more

Refreshing recipes for the summer!

20 June 2017

Have you seen what we have prepared with our extra virgin olive oils for this summer? Here we share different recipes with ice cream and even a gazpacho that promise to refresh your palate during the hot days that are coming! Appetizers   Burrata with tomato, pesto ice-cream and our Picual EVOO   Foie ice cream, duck ham & Family Reserve Arbequina... Read more

Helado de Lucuma y Golden Berry con AOVE Reserva Familiar Arbequina

11 May 2017

Ingredientes 3 vasos de crema, cruda o no ultra-pasteurizada, o una combinación de crema y leche 6 yemas de huevo 1/3 vaso de polvos de lúcuma AOVE Castillo de Canena Reserva Familiar Arbequina Topping: Golden Berries Preparación Poner todos los ingredientes en la batidora, utilizar la maquina de helado. Aderezar con aceite de oliva virgen extra Reserva Familiar Arbequina y... Read more

Chocolate shake with Arbequina&Co 04

11 May 2017

Ingredients 2 cups milk  1 ripe banana (optional) 4 teaspoons cacao powder 2 teaspoons mesquite powder 1 teaspoon honey 20 drops Arbequina&Co 04  30 gr cacao nibs 2 cubes ice  Preparation In a blender, blend all ingredients in order (as listed above) until creamy. Serve in individual glasses. Click here for more recipes made with Sumaq... Read more