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Castillo de Canena in Ars Vivendi restaurant by chef Maria Rosa Garcia

16 Февраль 2017

We were in the Ars Vivendi restaurant where the great chef and Top Chef contestant, Maria Rosa Garcia,  delighted us with her wonderful culinary creations. Rosa and her husband Dino are charming! ... They surprised us with their fine Italian cuisine and a delicious burrata with orange, arugula and the magic touch of our Arbequina & Co (99.5% AOVE Arbequina Castillo de Canena and... Read more

Jaen Gourmet honors Mr. Luis Vañó

09 Февраль 2017

Jaén Gourmet will celebrate a tribute to the trajectory and entrepreneurship of Mr. Luis Vañó with the early harvest extra virgin olive oils from Jaén. Our president Mr. Luis Vañó grew up in the Andalusian province of Jaén. He graduated in Economics and Law from the University of Chicago and was awarded the Honoris Causa by the University of Metz (France). Since its beginning, Don... Read more

(Español) Entre los mejores AOVE de España por el reconocido Carlos Maribona

06 Февраль 2017

Carlos Maribona: "Castillo de Canena is already a classic in the world of the best spanish extra virgin olive oils" The renowned gastronomic critic and journalist Carlos Maribona of ABC newspaper points out Castillo de Canena as one of the best extra virgin olive oils in Spain. In the article highlights the qualities of our First Day of Harvest , which each year has a special label signed by... Read more

Cheese cream with our smoked oil in Madrid fusion

25 Январь 2017

We are delighted with the chef Carolina Tarazaga Soberino, participant of the program of Canal Sur "The tapa is ours" who presented during the contest in the stand of cheeses La Casota Gourmet of Madrid Fusión a delicious dish made with our smoked oil. It is a cheese soup with mango, macerated figs, spiced bread and smoked anchovy which is a wonderful experience for the palate.... Read more

Gastronomic shows January 2017

12 Январь 2017

Our extra virgin olive oils around the world in  2017! You will be able to taste our EVOO in the following exhibitions in January: SIRHA (Lyon) Stand 6H104 FANCY FOOD (San Francisco) Stand: #2605 MADRID FUSIÓN (Madrid) Sala VIP & Stand Grandes Pagos del Olivar Hope to see... Read more