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Chef Kosei Takakura in our home

03 May 2018

This week we share with you the wonderful menu that Chef Kosei Takakura prepared in one of the rooms of our house, the Canena Castle. Kosei made a menu full of nuances, thanks to the fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine with the Mediterranean, where our extra virgin olive oils were a main ingredient. Especially surprising the dessert based on Family Reserve Arbequina EVOO and green... Read more

Wonderful Day at Cinc Sentits sharing with the Press

23 March 2018

We want to share with you the experience of our presentation to the Press, which took place in Barcelona, and where we enjoyed a fabulous menu paired with our oils prepared by the chef Jordi Artal at the Cinc Sentits Barcelona restaurant, 1 michelin star. We share some photos that have come to us from photographer Jordi Tarres: It was a very special... Read more

Jardiniere restaurant in San Francisco

22 February 2018

An unforgettable dinner in Jardiniere restaurant, in San Francisco, Chef Audie Golder prepared and exclusive menu paired with our Evoos, Take a look of the wonderful menu we had! Thanks Chef and Jardiniere team food and service,  it was all  really... Read more

Cocktails with Arbequina & Co in Radio Bike

19 February 2018

On Sundays at night from 8 to 9 the world of cocktails and magic mixes opens with Tupac Kirbi, Nacho Rubio and Carlos Morante on Radio Bike. Last Sunday we recreated Egor Petrov's innovative Herbaliser cocktail that I created especially for Arbequina & Co 02 in Dubai and that we will soon share with you too! Nacho Rubio also made his own... Read more