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Castillo de Canena at Elviria restaurant in Marbella

13 October 2017

Take advantage of the days of good weather and visit Elviria Restaurant in Marbella! Modern cuisine of Andalusian and Mediterranean fusion, where the product is always of the highest quality and where you will find excellent creations with our extra virgin olive oils. If you are in Marbella, visit the Elviria restaurant, with a great terrace and beautiful decorations, but above all good... Read more

Chocolates with EVOO in Venezuela

08 October 2017

Today we share with you the adventure of our extra virgin olive oils in hands of one of the best chefs in Venezuela! Our dear friend chef Maria Fernanda di Giacobbe has made the most delicious chocolates we've ever tasted from different types of Venezuelan chocolates and ... with our EVOO!! Maria Fernanda is the winner chef of the Basque Culinary World Prize, for her great social,... Read more

Castillo de Canena in La Terraza del Casino by Paco Roncero

22 September 2017

Spectacular tasting menu by the chef Paco Roncero ** in his restaurant La terraza del Casino. Paco Roncero harmonized in an impressive way all the products that are part of Luxury Spain and that gathered in the evening. We share some of the chef's wonderful creations with our extra virgin olive... Read more

Castillo de Canena in “Château et Chocolat”

14 September 2017

Castillo de Canena has been honoured to appear in the article about EVOOS that the German journalist Dorit Schmitt has published this summer in the magazine “Château et Chocolat” In this article she shows the German people what a real extra virgin olive oil is, its healthy attributes, its culinary applications, recipes, etc Castillo de Canena is shown as one of the leaders in the world... Read more

Juan Bravo restaurant with Castillo de Canena EVOO

07 September 2017

Juan Bravo restaurant, opened few months ago in the Plaza Mayor of Segovia (Spain), next to the historic Juan Bravo Theater, has become one of the obligatory gastronomic visits in the city.   It's the new project by chef Ruben Arnanz, awarded with 1 Michelin star thanks to his cuisine in the restaurant Villena (also in Segovia). In this new wager, the chef is committed to... Read more