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Castillo de Canena and CEOLI sign an agreement to collaborate increating jobs for persons with disabilities in the province of Jaén.

The activities of the two entities form part of a complete program including job-training, job-creation, and raising awareness among local businesses. 

Castillo de Canena joins the initiative Responde+ by signing a collaboration agreement with the CEOLI Special Employment Center. This forms part of a drive to make corporate social responsibility a tool for development and change throughout the province. Castillo de Canena, a pioneer in the production and sales of high-quality EVOOs, will undertake an array of activities to ensure equality of opportunity, permitting people with disabilities to secure jobs on equal footing with others.

D. Antonio Muñoz Fernández, Presidente de CEOLI & D. Francisco Vañó, Director General de Castillo de Canena

D. Antonio Muñoz Fernández, Presidente de CEOLI & D. Francisco Vañó, Director General de Castillo de Canena

The program operates in two fields: on the one hand, it works with companies to create inclusive workplaces and normalize hiring through a series of training and awareness-raising sessions. On the other hand, it offers job-training to persons with disabilities. In this way it assures that there is both supply and demand in an equal-opportunity framework.  Together with CEOLI, Castillo de Canena is pushing for job training, the hiring of employees from this community, and raising awareness among other companies as effective ways toinclude this population. This initiative is one among several that theJaén-based company has taken on as part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility. These include the project “Land for the Land” that encourages sustainable agriculture in the Lake Turkana region of Kenya, as well as the company’s links to universities, foundations, job-training centers, etc.

The initiative Responde+ is designed to provide inclusive guidelines for hiring, to share good practices, and to promote real job-creation, all with the firm commitment to generate and extend positive measures of social responsibility among companies in the province of Jaén.

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