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Contingency Plan COVID-19

At the global pandemic produced by the COVID 19, we want to share  our Contingency Plan that aims to ensure the health of our workers, the quality and food safety of our EVO as well as reducing the risk of cessation of our activity, everything in line with the recommendations of the Sanitary Authorities

As you know, one of our key pillars is the maximum quality of our products but also of our processes, so now couldn’t be otherwise! Thus, we continue producing our EVOO under the toughest controls that guarantee its salubrity, safety  food safety in consume. Furthermore, we have paid special care on our equipment healthcare and we have taken all the measures to avoid possible Coronavirus infections.


In this sense, our Quality and Food Security Department has prepared a Contingency Plan in line with the recommendations of the Sanitary Authorities and our external professional experts. There you can see our healthcare and wellness awareness of our workers and our consumers, because you are the most important to us!

On the other hand, we have reinforced the cleanliness and asepsis of our installations, with the most demanding disinfection protocols of the moment. For this purpose, the external company, which is an expert in this type of action, is using a disinfectant and virucidal sanitary product.

In addition to this Plan, we have the most internationally recognized quality and alimentary security certifications that we revalidate every year: ISO 9001, BRC, IFS; certifications for which the evaluation of the Contingency Plans is fundamental.

And to further this confidence guarantee, we would like to share with you that we were one of the first Spanish companies, in the world of agro-industry, to sign and support the Luxembourg Declaration, a commitment sponsored by the EU to strengthen measures in the field of food safety and occupational health.

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