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Fine Toast, chocolate surprises again!


Energy Bread by Triticum Cerveza_artesana_arriaca_bocadillo_chocolate_Castillo_de_Canena

Black chocolate 70%

Salt Flakes

Arbequina&Co 04 Olive Oil Castillo de Canena

ARRIACA Porter craft beer



We dare to prepare a sweet fine sandwich!

It is very important to select a good bread, to complement the chocolate. We chose Triticum Energy bread, with nuts, walnuts, dried figs, dried apricots and raisins.

Grate the black chocolate and  put on the slices of energy bread. Sprinkle some salt flakes (to taste) and finish with as many drops as you want of our Arbequina&Co 04 olive oil (99.5% Arbequina Castillo de Canena EVOO + natural essential oils of cinnamon, nut and bergamot).

A delicious combination that only takes 5 minutes!

To truly enjoy this fine toast, it is important to accompany it with a beer that will not leave you indifferent. The best option we find is the ARRIACA Porter craft beer (Arriaca microbrewery). It’s a dark beer with touchs of roasted coffee, chocolate and nuts. The perfect pairing!

Let’s see all fine sándwich + craft beer recipes!

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